Ikemen Paradise
Ikemen Paradise

Ikemen Paradise

Other Name: イケメンパラダイス; Hot Guys Paradise; Ikemen Paradaisu

Status: Ongoing

Author: ABE Akane , ANISAKI Yuna , Anthology , HISAWA Yumi , Robiko , SAKOU Watari ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

1) Ikemen Fighter!! Felice Boys! by SAKOU WatariHow will the handsome fighter who has a one sided love express their feelings to their true love?2) Ikemen Kyoushi!! Seikaku Do S but Seiteki ni Do M by ANISAKI YunaMinagawa is an extremely popular teacher with the female students because he is extremely nice to everyone, but in reality his hidden personality is...3) Ikemen Brothers!!!! Tengoku no Shitateya by ABE AkaneThe two brothers creates the outfit for the dead (final dress). What does the best looking outfit you ever wore in your life look like!?4) Tough Ikemen!! Nijiiro House by RobikoTetsunosuke, a horrible guy, is currently living with Rinko. It’s a guy that needs scolding!?5) A perverted Ikemen!!Giri x Giri by HISAWA YumiWho will heal Miwa’s pain. A close call with a perverted classmate!

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