Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu!
Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu!

Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu!

Other Name: 永久指名おねがいします!; Eikyuu Shimei Onegaishimasu!; You Are Permanently Appointed, Please!

Status: Ongoing

Author: KANAE Sato

Year of release: 2015

Plot Summary:

Towako and her brother has been living together since their parents passed away. Suddenly, a host of ikemen that are friends of her brother appears and they are all living together! One of them especially, seems to be spending alot of time in the house together with Towako, whos not just a shut in, but a NEET as well. Will Towako be able to escape from the shell that binds her due to past bullying and the trauma of her parents death with the help of this Ikemen?

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