Amagami - Various Artists
Amagami - Various Artists

Amagami - Various Artists

Other Name: アマガミ -Various Artists- ,

Status: Ongoing

Author: KUROI Mimei , MIYASHIRO Sousuke , SANADA Rin , TOKITA Arumi , Utamaro , YAYA Hinata ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

A series of one-shot of the famous franchise Amagami SS with various artistsAmagami - Close to You (Alternate Story)Amagami - Dreamy Forever (Alternate Story)Amagami - Love Goes On! (Alternate Story)Amagami - Precious Diary (Alternate Story)Amagami - Various Artists (Alternate Story)Amagami - Sincerely Yours Amagami! (Alternate Story)  

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